Local Heroes Film Festival at K-Days 2022 - Edmonton Short Film Festival

Local Heroes Film Festival @ K-Days 2022

K-Days is back after two years, and so is the Edmonton Short Film Festival’s participation! We are branding all our community programming under the new “Local Heroes Film Festival” banner. This will allow us to differentiate between community events featuring Alberta content creators and the annual Edmonton Short Film Festival which is an International event. We will be hosting a variety of fun, informative and entertaining events this year at K-Days. From challenges to film expos, we are glad to return to K-Days and further support our Alberta Indie Film Artists.

We hope to see you at K-Days enjoying work created independent Albertan filmmakers and participating in creating your own films. Please follow us on social media to keep up with our events, workshops and screenings (all of which are free or affordable).

The events taking place during K-Days include:


Maker Faire Booth

We will have an exclusive booth to share tips on lighting, green screen, camera stabilization, sound and much more. This experience is geared toward novice filmmakers and will take place on the opening weekend of K-Days (July 22-24) from noon to 9 PM. 


FREE 48-Hour Mobile Device Filmmaking Challenge

The annual 48-Hour Mobile Device Filmmaking Challenge is taking place from 6pm on July 22 to 6pm on July 24. This is open to anyone in Alberta, and you do not need to be present in Edmonton to participate. The challenge is to create a two-minute short film exclusively using mobile devices and/or tablets within a 48-hour time frame – editing can be done on a computer. Pre-registration is required so we can send you the mandatory three secret elements. Pre-registered participants will receive an email with all this information and some helpful hints on creating a two-minute film using your mobile device.

You may create your story in any genre with any theme, but there will be a special prize competition if you choose to create a story with the theme (or sub-theme) “How Did You Survive Covid19?”. You may share your personal stories, stories on communities or stories about family, friends or personalities (e.g., documentaries). All that is required is a mobile device – a phone or tablet to record on – and your story. By bringing people together for a common purpose and sharing stories about Covid19,  participants and audiences will experience connection and an increased awareness on others in our province and country. 

Films must be completed and uploaded on YouTube to be considered for our cash prizes from ESFF and camera prizes from McBain Camera:

  • Best “Surviving Covid” Themed Film: $250
  • Best Overall Film: $100 + The Vloggers Kit ($349.97)
  • Best Use of Secret Elements: $75 + Smooth X Combo:( $99.99)
  • Best Marketing: $75​ + ($50 McBain gift card)



Celebrating our 10th Anniversary with 10 Days of Film

During K-Days, we will be showing over 60 Alberta short films exclusively at the Expo Centre from 5-8pm daily in Ballroom 105. A wide range of genres will be shown during the festival – from Drama to Horror to Pride and Documentaries throughout these 10 days. On July 31, we will be screening all the completed films from the 48hr Mobile Device Filmmaking Challenge, announcing the winners, and showcasing some of the award-winning shorts we’ve screened over that last ten years.

July 22, 2022 – Drama

Homecoming directed BY Darrell Portz G

Eggshells directed BY Sarah Clarke G

The Creek directed BY Kyle Tiernan G

The Test directed BY Michael Schaar-Ney G

Sonder directed BY Charles Netto 14A

My Lyric I Never Knew directed BY Nauzanin Knight 14A

Dianna directed BY Gabriel Lazarick 14A

July 23, 2022 – Documentary

Normalizing Awkwardness directed BY Daelan Wood G

Mean Hakeem directed BY Kiran Sthankiya 14A

Muted directed BY Rew Jones G

Saving Grace Animal Society directed BY Tyler Duffy G

We Are Crush directed BY Julia Gunst G

July 24, 2022 – Drama

Concession directed BY Eric Spoeth G

What the Heart Wants directed BY Darrell Portz G

A Raven’s Song directed BY Daniel Foreman 14A

One Bad Day directed BY Jason Kay 14A

444 directed BY Andres Galarza 14A

July 25, 2022- Indigenous

Raven Steals The Light directed BY Daniel Foreman G

Katie Ohe directed BY Aquiles Ascencion G

Jesse Jams directed BY Trevor Anderson 14A

The Crying Fields directed BY Hayley Morin 14A

Very Present directed BY Conor Mcnalley 14A

July 26, 2022 – Documentary

Small Town Strength directed BY Darryl Haugen  G

Last of the Fur Traders directed BY Frederick Kroetch  G

July 27, 2022 – Comedy and Music

Celeigh Cardinal – Song by the Supermoon directed BY Daelan Wood G

Never Been To War directed BY Derek Selinger G

Nut Milking directed BY Nick Saik G

Colour My Love directed BY Laura Combden G

Cameron O’Neill – Want to directed BY Laura La France G

Stampeed directed BY Rameen Eshraghi-Yazdi G

Accidental Beach directed BY Jason Kuchar G

Sleepless directed BY Adam Bentley G

Don’t Die Until You’re Dead directed BY Steve Van Diest, Ewan Clark G

Ghosted directed BY Taya Walter 14A

Breathe directed BY Christina Estillore (Ridenour) G

Hands on my Body directed BY Mariya Stokes 14A

July 28, 2022 – Experimental and Suspense/Horror

How the World is Painted directed BY Mia Fortier G

La Decision directed BY Hernan Moreno 14A

KEpT PROGRESSiON directed BY Aran Wilkinson-Blanc G

The Witch of Odova Woods directed BY Justin Cauti 14A

Rearview directed BY Daelen Wood 14A

Sweet Oil directed BY Chris Cowden G

Sand directed BY Adolfo Ruiz G

July 29, 2022 – Pride

Rock Pockets directed BY Trevor Anderson G

The Other Side of the Rainbow directed BY Angel Peterson G

Dear Diary: Coming Out directed BY Ava Karvonen G

Saneish Middle-Class Asians directed BY Lisa “Alyx” Bui G

Little Deputy directed BY Trevor Anderson G

Blue directed BY Jason Hamilton G

July 30, 2022 – Variety

Becoming Cognizant directed BY Gregory Waggoner G

Anotniuk directed BY Kiara Rivers G

Where Monsters Dwell directed BY Jordan Bouma G

The Last Baron directed BY Blake McWilliam G

Absence directed BY Sarah Clarke G

Hop Along Hang On directed BY Cobra Collins G

Raven Steals The Light directed BY Daniel Foreman G

July 31, 2022 – 48-Hour Film Festival and Award Ceremony- 1:00-4:00 PM

In addition to the premiere showing of the completed 48-hour film challenge films and the awards ceremony presented by the ESFF & McBain Camera ,  we will be sharing some of the award-winning films from our archives:

This is the Life directed BY Daniel Martin (BEST Music Video) G

The Preparator directed BY Aquiles Ascencion (BEST Documentary) G

T-Minus directed BY Adrian G. de la Peña (BEST Drama) G

RKLSS directed BY Tank Standing Buffalo (BEST Animation) 14A

Framed directed BY Gabriel Afolabi (BEST Drama) 14A

What Happened to Heritage Mall directed BY Matthew Dutczak (BEST Documentary) G

Rellik – The Hour (Mamas Song) directed BY Bill Leblanc (BEST Indigenous Film) G