Alberta Screenwriter Accelerator Program - Edmonton Short Film Festival

Welcome to the Alberta Screenwriter Accelerator Program (ASAP) presented by the Edmonton Short Film Festival ( ESFF)! The ASAP is one of the opportunities we are offering to Alberta Filmmakers as part of our 10th anniversary celebrations.

This FREE program will take one talented Alberta screenwriter and give them all the cast, crew, equipment and mentorship they need to bring take their vision from script to screen. 

Phase 1: November 10 to December 15, 2021
Submit your short film screenplay (maximum 5 pages) to 

Phase 2: December 15-31, 2021
All eligible screenplays will be evaluated by a team of adjudicators and chosen on the quality of writing and feasibility. The winner will be announced on December 31, 2021.

Phase 3: January 1-31, 2022
The selected screenwriter will be mentored by award-winning writer, Neil Chase, through a series of phone/video conversations to polish the script and become screen ready.

Phase 4: February 1-15, 2022
Mentoring will be provided on casting, securing locations and planning the shoot with producers Sharlene Millang and Daniel Foreman.

Phase 5: February 16-28, 2022
Camera and grip equipment, crew, make-up/hair, craft services and sound are all assembled to make the film under the directing mentorship of Gilbert Allan (actor, director, producer, educator and writer).

Phase 6: March 1-15, 2022
An editor and post production sound professional will cut the movie with the screenwriter and mentoring team. Music, sound effects (foley) and credits are all included.

Phase 7: October 15, 2022
The ASAP film will premiere at the 10th anniversary ESFF Read Carpet Gala. The filmmaker will receive a screening fee and be eligible for the People’s Choice Award ($250 cash prize). 

This competition is open to Alberta residents aged 16 and older (proof of residency will be required).
The submitted screenplay must be 5 pages or fewer. 
A Maximum of TWO  scrips per entrant is allowed.
The submitted script does not need to be formatted properly but will help your chances being selected.. If selected the script will need to be in a proper screenplay format for shooting.
The screenwriter/filmmaker owns all rights to the film and is free to submit to film festivals globally after the premiere.

The competition is for first-time filmmakers.  A first-time filmmaker is someone who:

  • has never had a script they have written turned into a film;
  • has never been a director or producer for a film of any length that has been selected for screening at any film festival

Note: a student screening or non-competitive festival screening is allowed (e.g., a student film that only screened at their class event is eligible; if that same film has been screened where the film was selected through an adjudication process, they are not eligible).