Film Makers - Edmonton Short Film Festival

Film Makers

Filmmakers from all over Alberta came to celebrate the ESFF Gala!


Screening fees are paid for every film screened at Edmonton Short Film Festival events. WIN AWARDS for the best in each category! In addition to the juried awards, there is an opportunity to win the Peoples’ Choice cash prize, which is chosen by the audience at the Gala event.

Submission Information:
The Edmonton Short Film Festival welcomes a wide variety of short film projects.  Yup. Anything (except extreme violence, language, hatred, pornography or copyrighted material). You don’t have something new? That’s okay! Drag out a passion project from your archives … maybe you have a fabulous film that you would love to show again. You’re working on a feature? Send us your trailer to promote the project! Maybe you’ve created a commercial that you are especially proud of … send it in! Of course, we also accept the “usual” – short dramatic or comedic narratives, horror, music videos, web series, documentaries and animations. 

Alberta films that are 15 minutes or less may be submitted to the genre categories at Edmonton Short Film Festival

Alberta films that are up to 60 minutes  can be submitted to Local Heroes Film Festival

Films that are created outside of Alberta are eligible for screening at  our LONG SHORTS PROGRAM. ( This is  located on the very bottom genre category)

360° and Virtual Reality films are welcomed and can be submitted from Alberta and Internationally.  

The ESFF jury selects independently-created films based on technical excellence and entertainment value to create a fantastic program. See the 2022.program!

If your film is selected you will need to provide:
A. 1920 x 1080 version of your film in a .mov Apple Pro Res 4:2:2 (HQ)  or .mp4  H.264 format
B. 3 High Resolution stills 
C. Social Media Handles
D. Director’s Bio (max 350 characters) and Film Synopsis (Max 200 characters)


You are invited to submit more than one project for consideration; however, due to the limited screening time available, we are only able to select one of your projects to screen at the Gala. However, you may have several different projects screened at various community events if you have selected the Alberta BONUS.