ESFF Community Event Screenings - Edmonton Short Film Festival

Black History Month 2024

The Local Heroes Film Festival (managed by the Edmonton Short Film Festival),  is pleased to present a special screening of short films featuring Alberta Black filmmakers.
The following short films will be screened at the Downtown Edmonton Public Library’s Muttart Theatre on February 22 starting at 7PM.

The Trial of Miss Muimbe Directed by Melanee Murray-Hunt

Sarah, an immigrant and student, flees the Congo to build a new life in Canada, only to discover that the man who raped her, a professor at her former university, has found refuge in Canada as well. Tragically, he has no intention of ceasing his abuse of Sarah, who takes desperate measures to stop him and protect her fragile freedom in her country of choice.


I Am Free Directed by Edward Ogum

This music video is a combination of music and acting. All acting was professionally done for this video to depict the historical times and it was laced with the modern era in vibrantly colorful costumes. The video was directed by Ed Ogum and produced by Thousand Year Films. Music was produced by the renowned and US-based multi-award winning song producer, Amb. Woli Oni. Song writer/composer/performer – Funmi Dominic Olaoye

Mean Hakeem Directed by Evan Bourque

Mean Hakeem tells the story of UFC fighter Hakeem Dawodu. The film, which features first-time actors, describes his journey to overcome abuse, poverty, and drug addiction to become a UFC fighter.


Power Moves Directed by Nauzanin Knight

An exploration of power and self-confidence in Black women entrepreneurs.


Rise of Afrobeats in the Prairies Directed by Ivan Touko and  Fahad Suleiman

The documentary follows the journey of African creatives in Alberta, who find a sense of belonging and community through Afrobeats. It showcases their stories, as well as the growing popularity of Afrobeats in the Prairie region, highlighting the fusion of cultures and the essence of immigration in Canada.

Shea, by Nasra Directed by Effy Adar

A family displaced by greed searches for a new home in a foreign place. As they explore they discover pieces of themselves; old and new. “Shea” celebrates what has always remained in Black/African peoples, an innate sense of home, luxury and interconnectedness.


International Festival of Winter Cinema  2024

The Local Heroes Film Festival (managed by the Edmonton Short Film Festival),  is once again screening curated films in a special event as part of the Interntional Festival of Winter Cinema (IFWC).  Check it out on February 16 starting at 7:00PM at Sir Wilfred Laurier Park! 

Change, Directed by Tom Robinson (4:52) An animated change purse separated from its lady at the laundromat must find a way back to her.                   

Tether, Directed by Andreas Eichmuller (2:00) After a life altering event, Eric and Ashley put their faith in a promise, but soon realize that promise…that salvation…just might be too good to be true.

The Heist, Directed by David Gigena-Kazimierczak, Roman Olorvida Jr.(5:53) A man is called to perform a heist in order to avert a potential life threatening situation.              

The Metaphor, Directed by Nathaniel Sutton (4:18) An old television displays visuals of singer/songwriter, Nathaniel Sutton, performing his song, “The Metaphor”. It gradually contains actual footage of Sutton’s childhood previously recorded onto VHS tapes, transmitting nostalgic energy.                  

The Creature’s Story, Directed by Nathaniel Goselwitz (5:35) ‘The Creature’s Story’ is a psychological-thriller about a young boy and his “Mom” who spend the night together on Halloween. When the young boy is frightened after seeing something outside, he is consoled by his mother with a story about that very thing. This short film explores themes of identity, through a cyclical storytelling structure.

Benny Limbauer: Work-From-Home Wildlife Photographer (2:00) A wildlife photographer finds an unusual way to make it through the lockdown.

Songs from the Soil, Directed by Sebastian Cruz (6:27)  Embarking on a journey that intricately weaves through his passions, we witness the tranquil embrace of gardening – a sanctuary of solace. Yet, as the narrative unfolds, a symphony of discovery envelops us, revealing Stuart’s second ardor: music, a conduit to freedom.

What the Heart Wants, Directed by  Darrell Portz (4:59) Liv learns the hard way that her deepest yearnings cannot be denied and there is a price to pay for her heart’s true desire.

Graceless, Directed by Matthew Gooding (3:10) Music video for Graceless from ‘Graceless/Cloudless’ the new EP by amiskwaciy heavy pop band Wares. ‘Graceless’ was recorded and mixed by Matthew Gooding. Mastered by Ryan Morey. Video filmed and edited by Matthew Gooding.

Nathan Everett, Directed by Paul-ford Manguelle  (1:35) A man finds himself alone at the end of the world. His time is running. He knows it. His name is Nathan Everett.      

Bad Situation, Directed by Robyn Slack (8:00) Annie is drowning her sorrows in a dive bar when she is suddenly ambushed by a man armed with a time-freezing gun. Out of her depth and a little drunk, her only hope is a gruff stranger claiming to be a professional time traveller. Who can she trust? And will she make it out with her timeline intact?        

Paradise Motel (High Water), Directed by Adrian G. De la Peña (4:26) After being diagnosed with a terminal disease, Patrick and Rowena decide to do a final road trip through the prairies.
Narrative music video-clip for the band Paradise Motel. 


Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Festival 2024

The Local Heroes Film Festival (managed by the Edmonton Short Film Festival),  is pleased to present a special screening of short films featuring Alberta Indigenous filmmakers, creatives and Indigenous stories.
The following short films will be screened in the Big Yurt during the Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Festival 2024 on Saturday January 20 from 6:30-9pm. These films will be repeated 3 times.

Kaashkitamaashoo directed by Chantelle Marie Anderson
A woman’s exploration of her Métis identity; the quieting of her inner voice saying she’s not ‘Indigenous enough’.

Mary Mackagonne directed by Sean Smith

Creator Sean Smith honours the memory of his great-great-great-great-great grandmother, Mary Mackagonne, a Swampy Cree woman who goes entirely uncredited in Canadian history. The wife of Peter Fidler, a map-maker for the Hudson’s Bay Company, she lived the life of a trader, canoeing alongside him on his expeditions and contributing labour to the building and maintaining of forts while also caring for their fourteen children.

The story is based on entries from Fidler’s journals. He and Mary and their Metis family are nearly running out of supplies and have lost most of their crew to the rival Northwest Company while Mary is nearly 9 months pregnant. A hired bully from the rival Northwest Company begins a reign of intimidation on the family – forcing them to make a decision for the sake of their family’s safety.

Memories directed by Adriel (Strenneth) Rosenfeldt

Robin’s mind is full of her memories and experiences and is home to a figure of her consciousness who makes decisions to keep Robin safe and happy. This figure is faced with watching painful memories and struggles to see any purpose with storing them. She must make the hard decision whether to destroy the memories and everything connected to them or to try to live with them in harmony. The final destination of these memories could have an effect on Robin’s identity, her future and perception of herself.


Raven Steals the Light directed by Daniel Foreman

Raven is the craftiest of all creatures. Be transported into a magical animated world where Raven is flying blindly in the endless night. He decides to steal all the light in the world from Sky Father, which is no easy task. The story is adapted from an ancient Haida (North Pacific Coast First Nations) myth.


Running Rabbit directed by Bret Robert Franics Kenworthy

A documentary telling Regan’s story about leaving home, venturing out and following his visions on becoming an MMA fighter. With his new found knowledge, he hopes to help inspire his people from Siksika.