2022 Free 48 Hour Mobile Film Device Challenge - Edmonton Short Film Festival

You’ve always wanted to be a filmmaker. You have a story to tell.

You want to get more views on your YouTube channel.

You’re exploring the possibilities of creating quality video content on your phone.

You never say no to a challenge and you’re ready to try something new!

The 48-Hour Mobile Device Filmmaking Challenge is for you.

This summer the Edmonton Short Film Festival, in partnership with K-Days, presents a three-part strategy to help any Albertan become more creative for FREE! 

The 48 Hour Challenge will begin at 6PM on July 22 and end at 6PM on July 24. A special email will be sent to all registrants before the start of the Challenge revealing the secret elements to include in your film.

Explore Edmonton K-Days and the Edmonton Short Film Festival are partnering for FREE film training, a FREE 48 Mobile Film Challenge and a FREE Short Film Festival!![/caption]

The Free 48 Hour Mobile Device Challenge Class: was held on May 7, which provided information about the skills needed to make your 48-hour film. Please note that attending the workshop is not a pre-requisite to participating in the film challenge.

July 22-24, 2022 – 48-Hour Mobile FREE Filmmaking Challenge: You have 48 hours to create a film on your mobile device. Three secret elements will be shared before the kick-off and these must be included in the film. You’ll upload your film to YouTube and email the link to filmfest@esff.ca. Filmmakers will be challenged to “market” their project and get their friends, family, and fans to “like” and “comment” on their work.

Three prizes are available: Best Overall Film; Best Marketed Film, and Best Use of the Secret Elements. 

Every 48-hour challenge film completed at the K-Days event will be eligible for screening at the ESFF @ KDays Film Festival on July 31. The top judged film, the film that has the best use of secret elements, and the best marketed film will also be screened at the Edmonton Short Film Festival Red Carpet Gala on October 15 ($50 screening fees will be paid PLUS eligibility to win the $250 Peoples’ Choice Award). 

Marketing Guidelines: Want to win the “Best Marketed Film” award? The rules are simple: once your film is posted on the ESFF website (we’ll include the link in the email on July 22), share the link with your friends, family, and other contacts to ask them to watch, like, and comment on your project.

You’ll earn bonus points if you promote your film during the challenge and tag ESFF on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (tags will be included in the email). Creativity in marketing is also considered as added value to this part of the competition.

Paid ads on any social media platform are permitted, as this is definitely a learning experience for you and a necessary part of self-promoting independent film. If we suspect that vote-buying on YouTube is occurring, we will disqualify the project from the marketing competition. Filmmakers would be contacted confidentially and, if receipts/analytics are available, that will be sufficient “proof” that vote-buying has not occurred.

July 31, 2022- ESFF @ K-Days Film Expo: A fun-filled day of screening, including all the eligible films submitted to the 48- hour challenge plus the “best of” from the Edmonton Short Film Festival’s archives. Interspersed between the segments will be panels with the filmmakers, Prizes will be awarded at the end of day. 

Collaborate with friends or invite them to compete. Registrations are now closed. Stay tuned for the films!!