About Edmonton Short Film Festival - Edmonton Short Film Festival

The Edmonton Short Film Festival (ESFF) showcases independent filmmakers outside of the “normal” festival market, featuring diverse projects (newly created or “dusted off” favourites) such as trailers, music videos, web series, commercials, and short films! The main focus of ESFF is to elevate and promote Alberta Independent short film and the local film community. We don’t even require premiere rights!

Since 2012, we have been hosting a gala and screening weekend to show off the best of the best, thanks to our founders Daniel Foreman and Sharlene Millang Borst!  Now, every year, hundreds of people can join us for a weekend of local and international films. The first night features the chosen shorts and our red carpet event. The next evening shows off the long shorts (under 60 minutes but roughly above 20) which come from across the world.

Every summer, we also host The FREE 48 Hour Mobile Device Film Challenge! You get 48 hours to create a film under 2 minutes long that must feature three secret elements. All films completed at the Challenge are screened at an online Watch Party.

The Best Judged film 2023 winner: “Emily’s Garden” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtH_s8gteOc

The Best Marketed film 2023 winner: “Paved” https://youtu.be/_lVMr1m2Fzc

Best Use of Secret Elements 2023 winner: “Justin” https://youtu.be/_guyo2g1hnY 

Congratulations to the winners, and we look forward to screening them at our annual gala and festival. With all new Secret Elements to get creative with, will you take on the challenge in spring 2024?

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