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What is the 48 Hour Mobile Film Challenge?

Edmonton Short Film Festival has created a three-part strategy to drive interest, ability, and viewership of local film content for 2019 that consists of:

  1. May 4th – 2019 Mobile device filmmaking workshop at The King’s University, comprised of two classes running from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm (beginner), a 12:00 pm to 12:45 pm break with lunch provided, and the final class at 12:45 pm to 2:30 pm (intermediate).
  2. July 19th-21st – The 48 Hour Mobile Device Filmmaking Challenge involves creating a short video, strictly shooting from a mobile device. It begins at 6:00pm on July 19th until 6:00pm on July 21s with submissions through YouTube.
  3. July 28th – Screening for 48 Hour Mobile Device Filmmaking Challenge at K-Days.

Competing in the 48 Hour Mobile Film Challenge on July 19-21, 2019? Or, are you creating a short film on a tight deadline? Here are some words of wisdom from the 48 Hour Challenge winners of 2018: Darrell, Lutz, and Christina, as they share their the winning strategies:

  1. Assembling a Team 

Try to assemble a team from a variety of creative fields, do NOT limit yourself to film oriented professionals. Do you know any Instagram influencers, painters, former or current theatre nerds, amazing creative writers, makeup artists, or photographers? Having too much of the same knowledge background will hold a team back just as having only chefs run an entire restaurant would. Don’t shy from assembling a bigger team. 48 hours is meant to challenge and strain competitor’s resources and abilities.  Do not expect to sleep. The more meaningful labor that goes into a project the better it will come out.

  1. How to Recruit a Team

The film industry in Edmonton is not the whole population, so branch out. The past winners of the 48 Hour Challenge were not always involved in the industry. Start early (one to two weeks) and assemble a team that will have July 19 to 21, 2019 booked off. Go through your personal network and recruit and then go through their personal network and recruit. If this network is small for you can reach out through the many Edmonton based Facebook groups. There are many buy and sell, post-secondary, film, choreography, photography, and acting local Facebook groups with engaged members.  Passion and enthusiasm can be greater assets than professional experience!

  1. Division of Labor

As with all challenges, there will be elements the teams are meant to integrate into their films. Have a broad idea of the story for the film, choose your genre, or have several scripts beforehand. Allow one to two individuals to draw out a structure for the project and then adapt it to challenges and the environment. It’s a short film so don’t overload the script or outline with dialogue. Division of labor is also important in the editing stage as writers and actors may be apprehensive to edit down their work. There is only 48 hours and not much time to debate.

4.Contingency Planning

Budget your time but be flexible; make your script adaptable and know the production value. Where are you going to shoot? What’s your next choice? What time of day? Who needs to be there? Look at the weather forecast prior to writing. If you know someone that may or may not be able to participate, have a backup or use that individual as a backup. If you aren’t an individual who can stay up for 48 hours straight, assemble a larger team and try to catch some extra sleep heading into the challenge.

Good luck!