Free 48 Hour Mobile Film Challenge

Learn the skill needed to make a compelling film on your mobile device...for FREE!

Learn the skills needed to make a compelling film on your mobile device…for FREE!

Always wanted to be a filmmaker and have a story to tell?? 

Maybe you want to get more views on your youtube channel??

Excited about exploring  the possibilities of making quality videos on your phone?? 

Look no further, Edmonton Northlands, K-Days and the Edmonton Short Film Festival want to help you! WE have partnered to create a three pronged strategy to help any Albertan become more creative for FREE!  Pre-Registration required! Registration form at the bottom of the this page.

May 5th, 2018- Filmmaking Class “Production Basics”. This FREE three-hour workshop will provide participants with a blueprint to produce their two-minute film for the 48-hour filmmaking challenge. The class will include lecture-based and hands-on learning, led by local professional filmmakers. At the end of the class,students will  be offered a tour of the Northlands production studio so they can see how the studio and green screen technology works.

July 20-22, 2018 – 48-Hour Mobile FREE Filmmaking Challenge.  You have 48 hours to create a film on your mobile device. Three secret elements will be given shortly before the kick off and must be included in the film.  Films are to be uploaded to YouTube. Filmmakers will be challenged to “market” their project and get their friends, family and fans to “like” and “comment” on their work. Prizes will be awarded for  the best  marketed film and the top judged films . ALL submitted 48 Hour Challenge films ( that fit the basic criteria) will be screened at K-days with the winning films  presented at the Edmonton Short Film Festival Gala in October. 

July 28, 2018- ESFF @ K-Days Film Fest.  A fun filled day of screening, including all the films submitted to the 48- hour challenge plus the “best of” from the Edmonton Short Film Festival’s archives. Interspersed between the segments will be panels with the filmmakers and prize announcements. 

48 Hour Challenge at K-Days