Free 48 Hour Mobile Film Challenge

Join us for Edmonton's most NEW and EXCITING Film Challenge. All you need is your phone!

Join us for Alberta’s most NEW and EXCITING Film Challenge. All you need is your phone!

The Edmonton Short Film Festival has a created a revolutionary NEW 48 Hour Film Challenge for all Albertans. All you need is your phone and a great idea and you too can be a filmmaker.

Use these tips and tricks to help your short film be the best it can be. Maximum length is two minutes and immediately before the challenge opens you will be given elements which MUST be included in your film.

The top two films will  screen at the Edmonton Short Film Festival and the grand prize winner will receive a wireless HP SprocketInstantly share 2 x 3-inch (5 x 7.6 cm) snapshots or stickers of every fun-filled moment. from your smart phone.

The Challenge runs from 6 PM on September 29th to 6 PM on October 1, 2017.  Pre-registration deadline of September 28, 2017.


On September 29, at 6:00 PM, we will be sending you the “secret component” that will be a required item in your short film. All projects must be submitted by 6:00 PM on Monday, October 1st by providing a YouTube link. Links will be available to the public through the ESFF website for people to vote. Votes by your fans, friends and family will be taken into consideration for the final judging, as well as the comments from our adjudication team. The winning film and those selected for screening will be announced on October 6.

Challenge Rules:

 A. Pre-Production: – Genre: No restrictions. (except extreme violence, hatred, pornographic or copyrighted material).
Length: 2 minutes or less (including credits).

B. Production: – Film Footage: Must be shot on smartphone(s) and/or tablet(s). Animation and graphically produced films must be created on smartphones/tablets using its app(s).
NOTE: DSLR, Handycam Camcorders, Point-and-Shoot Cameras, GoPro and other similar devices are not permitted.

Audio: External recording device(s) may be used if necessary.

Raw Footage Proof: Must submit a 30-second raw footage (no photos, video only) actually used in the final cut of the film, uncut and unedited for the full duration of 30 seconds or longer if selected as one of the two final grand prize winners..

C. Post-Production: – Editing: All editing software are accepted (and does not need to be edited on smartphones/tablets).
Archival Footage – not permitted
Copyrighted material: not permitted


48 Hour Challenge