2020 Awards and Adjudication - Edmonton Short Film Festival

2020 - 2020 Awards and Adjudication

Festival Director Sharlene Millang presenting an award to another deserving Alberta filmmaker.


Accidental Beach 𝐁𝐘 Jason Kuchar

Absence 𝐁𝐘 Sarah Clarke- BEST DRAMA

Bearcat 𝐁𝐘 Jenna Turk

Black acid 𝐁𝐘 Ben Metcalf

The Campaign 𝐁𝐘 Jakob Densky- BEST COMEDY

Cut The Light 𝐁𝐘 Anthony Seto

Form and Function 𝐁𝐘 Are You Artists or Cops

Ghosted 𝐁𝐘 Taya Walter


Melted Hearts 𝐁𝐘 Cole Stevenson- PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD

Midnight Lady 𝐁𝐘 Molly Little- BEST ANIMATION

One Bad Day 𝐁𝐘 Max Montesi

Orwell’s Debut 𝐁𝐘 Thomas Stachura

Paradise Motel – High Water 𝐁𝐘 Adrian G de la PeΓ±a- BEST MUSIC VIDEO

Perspective 𝐁𝐘 Delanie Tiedemann- BEST EXPERIMENTAL

The Preparator 𝐁𝐘 Aquiles Ascencion- BEST DOCUMENTARY

Quarantinis 𝐁𝐘 Girl Brain Sketch Comedy

We Are Crush 𝐁𝐘 Julia Gunst

What Happened to Heritage Mall 𝐁𝐘 Matthew Dutczak

The Wiles 𝐁𝐘 Ryan Northcott- BEST HORROR/SCI-FI


𝐄𝐒𝐅𝐅 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟎 π‹πŽππ† π’π‡πŽπ‘π“π’:

As You Like It 𝐁𝐘 Hannes Rall

As I Lie Awake By Brandon Gladue (Justice 4Reel)

Avernus 𝐁𝐘 Simon Ross

Brides of Heaven 𝐁𝐘 Naeem Rabbani (Justice 4Reel)

DIANA 𝐁𝐘 Gabriel Lazarick (Justice 4Reel)

Edmonton Natural Hair Show 𝐁𝐘 Osas Eweka-Smith

The Flowers 𝐁𝐘 Pete Malicki

Glory Days 𝐁𝐘 Kama Sood

Hungry for Hearing by Tara Mitrovic (Justice 4Reel)

Let Me Find the Words by Sara Campos-Silvius (Justice 4Reel)

llusion: The Fear 𝐁𝐘 Valecia Pepin- BEST JUSTICE4REEL

Iskwew’s Light 𝐁𝐘 Chantel Buffalo (Justice 4Reel)

Joey Boy 𝐁𝐘 Mark Matechuk

Lana Gets Her Talk 𝐁𝐘 Beth MacKenzie


Malcolm 𝐁𝐘 Jimmy Vi

Not Your Average Bear 𝐁𝐘 Cliff Skelton

Paradoxical Dream 𝐁𝐘 Mohammad Khaki

Shades of Worth 𝐁𝐘 Nauzanin A. Knight (Justice 4Reel)

The Tailor 𝐁𝐘 Nathalie Therriault Acting Teacher

The woman of the house 𝐁𝐘 Felipe Espinosa


The 2020 team of adjudicators featured  Producer Wendy Hill-Tout, Performer Cody Porter   Filmmaker  Taghreed Saadeh ,  Video Editor  Warren Cowell and former Vice Chairman of LandMark Cinemas Neil Campbell.