2017 Awards and Adjudication - Edmonton Short Film Festival

2017 - 2017 Awards and Adjudication

A small taste of pictures from a few of the films screening at the 2017 Edmonton Short Film Festival.

A small taste from a few of the films screening at the 2017 Edmonton Short Film Festival.


Congrats to all the filmmakers that screened and the following special prize winners from Saturday evening:

Norm Rantdog Fassbender Flight of the Polar Bear- Animation 
Seth Williams The Hundy -Student
Bill LeBlanc Rellik – Mamas Song – Indigenous
Megan Strachan Dear Diary: Coming Out- Web Series 
Hans Grossmann Waiting – Music Video
Jason Kuchar Chicken Lover – Comedy
Sariah Thompson-Wood John and Pat: I Get Paid to Take My Clothes Off- Documentary
Melanee Murray-Hunt Race Anonymous-Drama
Katalin Szonyi The Princess and the Beer- Commercial
Shannon Hunt I Phub You- Female 
Adriel Rosenfeldt Yearning — 48 Hour Mobile Film Challenge
Stephen Robinson How to Learn Anything | Action Star- People’s Choice Winner

Sunday’s Special Winner for Best of The Fest powered by RAW rental house​ is Alexa Gilker​ for Chokecherry- Drama.

The fifth year of the Festival brings exciting new prizes, new movies and new judges. As we grow into a multi-day festival, the prizes include cash awards, event passes, electronics and more. The mix of movies is very diverse with films from all genres being screened at the Red Carpet Gala on October 14 and a special pre-show featuring music videos. The Family Fun Film Festival on October 15 has General Audience/ PG movies selected.  

2016 ESFF Red Carpet Gala

2017 Red Carpet Gala Films

How to Learn Anything, Episode 4 | Action Star- Stephen Robinson
To try and become an 80’s action star, Stephen learns how to do the splits while taking a full size remote control jeep off a jump.

Flight of the Polar BearNorm Fassbender
A polar bear swims for its life as a camera crew in a helicopter debates the ethics of helping the ‘dumb animal’.

The HundySeth Williams
A day in the life of a hundred dollar bill.

The Hour ( Mama’s Song)Rellik
A powerful song and video pertaining to the loss of a parent, from the eyes and words of a young boy , very close to his mother.

Dear Diary: Coming OutAva Karvonen
Three brave individuals share their controversial and daring journey on coming out as gay, lesbian, and transgender.

Happy Birthday, Mango!Eva Colmers
Almara tries to reach her son in the Philippines but everything goes wrong. A visually lush shortfilm about our struggles to connect in a busy world.

WaitingHans Grossman
When an age old rivalry and a tense game of bingo erupt into a full-fledged food fight, these retirement home occupants realize they haven’t felt this young and alive in years!

Chicken Lover – Jason Kuchar
A chicken delivery goes awry and crazy shenanigans ensue in this ludicrous music video by Electric Audrey 2.

Shawn Bernard -The Road Redemption – Ben Babchishin
Can the road to redemption take a detour around Karma?

Gerry Mouse– Charlotte Cooper
A child mouse facing homelessness and shelter life for the first time steps up to challenges from friends and foe.

John and Pat: I Get Paid to Take My Clothes Off – Sariah Thompson-Wood
During their interview, John and Patrick opened up about their life on the road, filming the Trailer Park Boys TV show, their beloved characters, and the love they receive from their audiences.

Race Anonymous – Melanee Murray-Hunt
Kyle Humphrey has hit bottom. A construction worker who is tired- tired of whiners, losers and folks wanting a free ride- a truly uncanny experience has him doubting his sanity, and his place in the world.

The Princess and the Beer – Katalin Szonyi
To stop a deadly curse, a Witch Princess—mislead by ancient tales about the power of a kiss—foolishly snogs a two-ton toad.

Where Do You Wander…? – Mohamad Mahfouz
A writer explores Edmonton’s hidden corners.

I Phub You – Shannon Hunt
After an incident that leaves the world around him silent, Kurtis discovers what it means to communicate in a technologically consumed society.

ESFF Family Fun Film Day 2016

Family Fun Film Fest

A Trickster TaleJulian Black Antelope
Bored with responsibility, an immortal shape-shifting being takes on a human form (Napi) in order to seek out adventure amongst the four races of man.

Ladybug, Come Fly with MeAngel Berry
A young girl has a day of adventure with a Ladybug and learns about the value of Friendship.

Assassins’ Cupcake- Emily Marsden
Two death dealing assassins have a dramatic showdown over one coveted cupcake.

Did You Know by Sabrina – An Edmonton Oil Kings special-  Sabrina Anderson
The Edmonton Oil Kings Hockey Team welcomed Sabrina and gave her a behind the scenes opportunity.

Squeaks & Cheeks – The Case of the Horrible Smell- Rebecca Campbell
Squeaks and Cheeks visit their friend Bailey Bear. Upon arriving, they discover a horrible smell. With the help of Piggy Pad, and after some trial and error, they soon discover the where the smell is coming from.

Power of Kindness –Gia Zviadadze
A life of the homeless boy, and how can each person, with little act of kindness can change the poor’s life.

The Legend of the Bunny PhantomSimon Chan
In a race against time to save his city from imminent destruction, the Bunny Phantom must face his greatest challenge.

Rain on Flowers – Catherine Dubois
When a young woman feels an inkling of sadness, flowers grow on her body. She bottles up these emotions and puts them on a shelf.

Tide of Whispers Josh Emerson
A man goes to work for a stranger that holds a key to his past.

Chokecherry– Alexa Gilker
Over the course of one summer, a young girl in the gleeful midst of childhood freedom balances on the precipice of young adulthood, and she must choose to either remain with her sisters in a world of imagination and play or abandon herself to the inevitability of growing up.

The Intrepid Explorers: Bumpy Road– Trevor Talbott
Two British explorers, seemingly from another time, navigate the pitfalls that come with exploring a new country in their trusty Land Rover.

Companions- Kieran Jardine
A woman and her AI companion navigate through an emotional day, but the phone seems to care more.

When We Listen –  Amr Moustafa
Amal, the 20 years old Syrian female, needed someone to listen to her unspoken words to bring her trust back and give her hope in life again.

Simply Replaceable – Mackenzie McElligott
A lonely housewife and mother, ignored by her own family, slips into depression.

The Jacket – Kieran Jardine
When a man grows tired of sleeping in the bush he devises a crude plan to finally sleep in a bed.

Don’t Jump Yet-  Conor McDavid
A depressed man goes up to the roof of his apartment building to jump, when the owner of a sweatshop finds him, he tries to convince him to give up his belongings before he jumps.

Beautiful Animals- Michelle Tran
A self-conscious girl with strange and elephant-esque features gains the ability to achieve beauty- by stealing and mimicking the characteristics from her beautiful, more “human-looking” peer.

Join the Dance- David Kohl
Vincent takes the stage to relive memories of Mary, who departed abruptly three years ago. Tonight, however, Mary returns and, together, they rediscover their passion and explore the possibilities the future holds.

Love Bug- Sue Chandra
While strolling in the garden a bug meets his match. They fall in love and overcome challenges in getting together.

The Monotonous Adventures of Sir Reginald Esquire the Third– Demmi Dupri
A creaking of the door awakens Sir Reginald the Third Esquire from a deep sleep, as darkness pours into the study Sir Reginald sees his arch-nemesis has crept in thus realizing the wellbeing of the entire castle rests in his hands.

Edmonton Short Film Festival 2016 Pre Show

Gala Pre-Show

Colour My Love Laura Combden
The rural Alberta jails of the 1920s housed not only the sheriff’s family, but also those arrested and imprisoned. This story is about two women with a shared feeling of hopelessness, meeting in this unlikely setting.

Could’ve Been Me – Barrett Klesko
Your choices create your destiny. Take a chance, roll the dice.

Die  Alone – Cameron Basler
Performance video of the band Basler playing the song Die Alone.

Fadeaway- Mohamad Mahfouz
Loosing and finding new love but realizing its the same love – the cycle of love. 

Legend and Love Song- Ali Bright
The song tells the story about the highs and lows of a couple’s relationship as well as how he feels about her even after their relationship has since ended.

Luckiest Guy – Cameron Basler
A video about being lucky to have found love, set to the theme of being lucky at the horse races.

Lyra Brown’s A Little Vulture Told Me– Simon Morgan
The film explores the idea of loss, and how it feels to watch someone you are close to self-destruct.

Pillowtalk- Mark Davies
Kena Leon ‘s Pillowtalk is an experimental music video collaboration with local filmmakers Six Six Films.

Too Many Too’s – Marlon Wilson
Still not over his fiancée, Soup tries to end things with his new girl before he falls deeper in love..

Den of Sadness- Fine Washables- James P. White
Creative zaniness in the laundry room.


The 2017 team of adjudicators features Edmonton born Hollywood actor Josh Emerson,  Producer Dianne Mahoney, Writer Naddine Madell-Morgan, TV Show host Kim Hayden and Director Ben Babchishin.