Red Carpet Gala - Edmonton Short Film Festival


October 14th is our Red Carpet Gala featuring films made across the province, this night will be one to remember. If you have ever dreamed of walking the red carpet, this is your chance. Mingle with filmmakers and watch films that will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between. Tickets available here!  

The films will be screened at the Metro Cinema– Doors open at 6 PM! The first 100 people will receive free popcorn and complimentary champagne. Tickets include live music and Hors d’oeuvres at the intemission. Vote on your favourite film at the end of the program for the Audience Choice Award ($250.00 cash prize to the winner) 


Congratulations to our selections for the 2023 Red Carpet Gala! !

“Breaking 200” directed by Wade Whibley and Mike Reeve
“CAPTCHA” directed by David Feehan
“Cream” directed by Kenny Heintz and Mark Hoyne
“Dating Indian” directed by Len Morissette
“Emily’s Garden” directed by Darren McInnes
“Gerry Mouse” directed by Tom Robinson
“I am Free” directed by Edward Ogum
“Labeled” directed by Justin Kueber
“Le jardin des délices” directed by Genevieve Marie Dale and Dean G. Mang-Wooley
“Marilyn” directed by Barrett Klesko
“Mr. Kapre” directed by Daniel Angelo Volante
“Old Dragon Man” directed by Douglas Cook
“Pa’Fuera” directed by Diego Mendez
“Progenitor” directed by Sam Saloff
“Retraining the Brain” directed by Sandro Silva
“Rock the Block” directed by Gwynne McMaster
“Suzy Makes Cupcakes” directed by Jayson Therrien
“The Choice” directed by Barb Briggs
“The Coocoo” submitted by Molly Little
“Toones” submitted by Lisa Buck
“Toy Train” directed by Kyle Tiernan