Long Shorts - Edmonton Short Film Festival
Edmonton Short Film Festival


October 15th is our Long Shorts event. Come by and see some of the best international films under 60 minutes . The films will be screened at the Metro Cinema– Doors open at 12:30 PM! 

We  have guest speaker Lisa Datz flying in from Los Angeles to showcase her film “Life of Riley” and give a talk about filmmaking. Ms.Datz is a well-known industry professional who can be seen in shows such as, Bones, Law and Order, and Elementary. Lisa  is also a talented voice over actress credited for roles in Red Dead Redemption II and Grand Theft Auto. Tickets available here!

Congratulations to our selections for our 2023 Long Shorts!

“Beyond the Sea” directed by Hippolyte Leibovici
“Dragon Fruit” directed by J.Brown
“Headache” directed by Johnny Russell
“Justin” directed by Good Improv
“Life of Riley” directed by Lisa Datz
“Lovebugs” directed by Teddy Alvarez-Nissen
“Matryoshka” directed by Joseph Ros
“Midnight Ride” directed by Alessandro Farrattini Pojani
“Paved!” directed by Chad Stanley Martin
“Rising From the Ashes” directed by Sara Ben-Saud
“Tell Me Where To Go” directed by Peter Beatty & Joseph Boyle
“Unborn” directed by Sam Javadi
“You Are the Blue” directed by Beatrice King