Awards and Adjudication - Edmonton Short Film Festival

Awards and Adjudication

2018 ESFF Selections

We are exciting to present the 2018 ESFF Selections!


2018 Edmonton Short Film Festival Official Selections:


Linear Films:

Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi-  Stampeed Rebecca Campbell-  Girl Brain Naddine Madell-Morgan – The Parent Council – Pilot Darren McInnes – 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V (Commercial) Morgan LeBlanc –  Cor Values Trailer Moh Mahfouz – The 50th Funeh Aliu – Uncaptured Sarah Clarke – Eggshells Eppo Eerkes-  The Child Soldier Vicki Chau – Pulled Strings James Cadden – Five Course Meal Joshua Roach – Summoned Ethan Johnson – FKB – “Casual Love” Music Video Cora Selinger-  Never Been to War Matthew Paproski – Universe Lutz Papenfuss – Deadline Christina Estillore – Undying


Virtual Reality / 360° Films:

Jason Ferguson – The Crew Shaun Crawford – 1200 Roommates Shaun Crawford-  Skratcher Vincent McCurley – BeatiBot 360 Aretha Greatrix-  Pow Wow Xperience 360 Overlooked Immersive Film – Overlooked Danilo Guzman – Pyramids of Egypt by The Patuo 360 Frederick Kroetsch-  KittenTV 360: Kitt’n Around Stephen Baden-  DIVE Chris Bedyk-  VR Wonders of The World- Grand Canyon Chris Bedyk-  VR Wonders of The World- Aurora


Exhibition Only ( Not part of People’s Choice Award)

Harley Myhovich– Some People’s Belts Darrell Portz–  A Daughter’s Journey James Mills–  Melon Shorts Daniel Foreman–  The Horned Serpent Trailer



The 2018 team of adjudicators features producer Devon Supeene,  Toronto Television Host Doug Paulson, Filmmaker  JUstin Kueber, multi-media producer Sheena Rossiter and  producer/writer  Zac Hogle.