2018 ESFF Selections
Come and party with us as we celebrate the best of Alberta  Film and International Film!  Experience VR/360° movies from around the world!                      

2019 Edmonton Short Film Festival Official Selections:

Linear Films:

Carlito Ghioni-  My Old Man
Adolfo Ruiz-  Sand
Garry MacLean – Yard Sale
Hernan Moreno – La Decision
Adrian Gonzalez –  T-Minus
Simon Chan – The Garbage Boi
Preston Ewasiuk- Rutherford Manor- Teaser
Annette Reilly- A Typical Fairytale
Daniel Martin-  This is the Life- Music Video
Steve Mikalisky – The Successor
Mariya Stokes –  Hands on My Body- Music Video
Cody Kennedy – The Video Store Commercial
Darrell Portz – Homecoming
Frederick Kroetsch-  Visitability PSAs
Patrick O’Connor- Demonetized
Emily-Anne Salkeld- Cotard’s Delusion
Tyler Duffy – Nut Milking Exposed
David Puff – Unidentified Flying Object- Trailer
Andreas Eichmuller– Tether
Roman Jr Olorvida– Passion
Amy Skrocki– The Unattainable Dream

Virtual Reality / 360° Films:

Jon Griffith – Everest – The VR film Experience
Filipe Gontijo – When a heroine is born
R.S. Douglas-  TALL TALES: The Mostly True History of Cave Springs
Maciej Hatta – Chasing Dreams – 360
Jacob Kupfermane –Nubivagant 360 VR
Ulysse Dikoumé A – UNITY 4 RIDE
Daniel Foreman- Bus 7003
Dylan Pearce– Tall Tales
Ryan Jackson– Spirit of the Ice

Exhibition Only (Not part of People’s Choice Award)

Adam Scorgie– Making Coco: The Grant Fuhr Story – Teaser

Long Shorts (NEW EVENT)

Adam H. Stewart – Abe’s Story
Arielle Haller-Silverston – Sac de Merde
Bob Celli – The Keeper
Fokke Baarssen – Swung
GTF Le Film – Garage Tanguay and Sons
Gordie Haakstad – Aeternitas
Joe Chang – The Music Box
John Gray – Extra Innings
Joshua Vanderlinden – Off World
Justin Kueber – Black and Blue
Kelly Wolfert – MS’ed with the Wrong Girl
Ludvig Gür – The Outsider
Mahsa Razavi – A Celebration
Montgomery Burt – The United Guys Network
Phenix J.F. Miao – 575 Yunnan Miishein: Cut Your Ex Off Chicken
Adam Scorgie– Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo- Teaser


 The 2019 team of adjudicators features Producer Devon Supeene,  Filmmaker Suza Singh, Video Editor   Warren Cowell, Multi-Media Producer Sheena Rossiter and  Theatre writer/director  Sharon Reichhert.