Fall Filmmakers Panel - Edmonton Short Film Festival

Fall Filmmakers Panel

Meeting and learning from established professionals in your field can feel like finding a hidden guidebook. You discover real-life perspectives that help you successfully navigate your own path.

This Free LIVE EVENT will give film students, film enthusiasts, and aspiring or upcoming filmmakers that “insider” opportunity! Added bonus – a FREE lunch will be provided with a refundable deposit of $15 (details sent in email once you register). 

Taking place at NAIT, the impressive panel of filmmaking professionals will share knowledge earned from first-hand experiences and reveal their best advice for breaking into the film industry.

Our presenters will each offer their unique perspective on various aspects of professional filmmaking:

  1. Gilbert Allan on the importance of distribution and how to plan for distribution even before producing your film.
  2. Eva Colmers on making experimental films and the joys and challenges of getting your work in front of an audience.
  3. Dylan Pearce on making independent films with a commercial audience in mind.
  4. Ava Karvonen on collaborating with others and how important this is in our local industry.
  5. Kevin Martin on his experience with “The Last Video Store” feature film, and how to bring your 10-year dream to reality with perseverance.
  6. Daniel Foreman on establishing yourself in the industry, from the perspective of a filmmaker and founder/director of a film festival.

We invite you to immerse yourself in this educational and networking opportunity to make valuable connections as you advance in your filmmaking career.


  • 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM: Registration and Introductions
  • 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM: Presentations
  • 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM: Lunch Break and Networking
  • 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM: Presentations

Thank you to AMPIA and ATB for supporting this free event!