Attend - Edmonton Short Film Festival

What can you expect?

Seeking to elevate our local film community, our adjudicators will choose captivating short films by Alberta filmmakers to screen at the 2022 Edmonton Short Film Festival!

Make your appearance at the gala and prepare to be taken aback by the unparalleled quality and diversity you’ll see on the screen. Categories range from comedy to drama, from horror to documentary, the extremely important Social Justice category, and everything in between. In the end, your vote will help crown a winner for Best Short Film of 2022. Gala ticket availability will be dependent on the current Covid  restrictions.

Tickets available now!. Your GALA ticket will give you selected films by Alberta filmmakers  and the Long Shorts ticket additional films up to 60 minutes in length from filmmakers from all over the world!  The Long Shorts will also feature Virtual Reality Headsets and an in depth interview with New York filmmaker Justin Joslin. Combo Tickets are also available for both events at a special discounted price..

In 2022, we will once again be uploading all films to our FavaTV platform. Short films by Albertan filmmakers selected for the 2022 Edmonton Short Film Festival and the Long Shorts selections will all be available for online viewing.