2013 ESFF Selected and Winning Films - Edmonton Short Film Festival

2013 ESFF Selected and Winning Films

2013 Selected Films

Immaculate Pompadours by Mark Remple
Leviticus by Daniel Foreman
Good Video by #yegfilm
Stapled by Scott MacDonald
Wine Tasting with Lyle and The Rhino by Andrew Paul
Language of Desire by Kath McLean
Family by Jason Jeffery
The Surprise Party by James Scott
Promenades Aquatiques by Colin Racicot
The Dookie Squad by Angela Palmer
Life’s a Candle (music video) by Marcel Fayant
The Lies We Tell by Samantha Slater
The Guru by Candace Creelman
Startups by Jeff Samsonow and Sally Poulsen
Arkham Rising by Tito Guillan
Nightwing – Prodigal Son by Brady Roberts
A Seduction Spell by Daniel Foreman