2024 Free 48 Hour Mobile Film Challenge - Edmonton Short Film Festival

The Edmonton Short Film Festival wants to help you make your movie making dreams come true! We have created a strategy to help any Albertan become more creative for FREE!  The Mobile Filmmaking Device Workshop was held on March 23 and the 48-Hour Mobile Filmmaking Challenge  will be held on May 24-26. 

All you need is your phone or tablet to make a film in 48 hours!  We will send out 3 secret elements that must be included on May 24 at 6:00PM and you need to upload your film on YouTube by 6:00PM on May 26. Prizes will include Best Picture, Best Use of Secret Elements and Best Marketed.  All three winning  films will receive screening fees  and screen at the Edmonton Short Film Festival Gala Week-end.

New for 2024! First time Filmmaker Category:  A first time filmmaker may have shot and edited a film for a student project or for personal use (such as family videos). No one on the team has experience creating a film that has been submitted to a film festival or has participated on any previous filmmaking challenge”

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