2023 Free 48 Hour Mobile Film Challenge - Edmonton Short Film Festival
The Edmonton Short Film Festival wants to help you make your movie making dreams come true! We have created a strategy to help any Albertan become more creative for FREE!  The Mobile Filmmaking Device Workshop was held on May 13 and the 48-Hour Mobile Filmmaking Challenge  was held on July 21-23. 

Here are the completed fims for 2023!  Please watch each film and like and comment on the ones you enjoy. Marketing is a big component which will help win:  Best Use of Secret of Elements, Best Marketed and Best Overall Film.  All films will be screened at the Edmonton Short Film Festival and win cash prizes. Online watch party is on July 30th, where we reveal the winners! 

Congrats to Emily’s Garden that was chosen “Best Film”, Paved for “Best Marketed” and to Justin for “Best Use of Secret Elements”. .